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Jason Lara

Hello, My name is Coach Jason Lara! I created The Movement Center in 2017 to help people build athleticism, mitigate injuries and develop their minds. I find much happiness in working with adults and children; nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than helping someone grow.

I was a NCAA DIV. 1 competitor for Oregon State University, trained at the United States Olympic Training Center, and traveled internationally to learn from Olympians. I currently coach at the Orange Crush Regional Training Center, a wrestling program based in Corvallis, Oregon.

Taking a holistic approach to training, I incorporate styles from a variety of different athletic practices and performance arts. I draw from principles of track and field, gymnastics, olympic weight lifting, grappling, and yoga to accomplish the goal of creating a more dynamic human being.

I strive to be objective, fair and kind in all undertakings. I seek simplicity in all things and to live fully in the present moment.

I love creating music with other people.

My pups Rocky and Bear are the sweetest little assholes I've ever come to love, and my girlfriend Hannah is the best thing to come into my life since coffee.

Feel free to call or text me anytime!


Hannah Hochenedel

Hannah is an assistant coach who focuses on functional fitness and personal training. Hannah approaches health and wellness holistically, utilizing her bachelor’s degree in psychology in conjunction with her knowledge surrounding nutrition and exercise. She specializes in working with clients interested in improving their mental health and wellness goals along with their physical strength and/or fat loss goals.


Tyler Riviera

Tyler is an assistant coach who helps with the Functional Fitness classes and runs the Jiu Jitsu program. A purple belt in BJJ, Tyler has competed the last 5 years with much success. His goal is to continue his growth as a competitor and coach as well as compete at the prestigious ADCC World Championships.


Mitch Long

Mitch Long is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a focus on deep tissue rehabilitation. He studied Massage Therapy at the University of Western States and graduated in 2016.
When Mitch isn’t helping people, he is working on staying in shape or out riding his motorcycle. He has competed in a wide range of sports from track and field to competitive jiu-jitsu. Utilizing his personal knowledge in competitive sports, he is able to help you maintain to your highest level of competition.  


Kevin Read

Kevin is a Black belt in Jiu-Jitsu under Aldo Caveirinha Januario of the Caveirinha Jiu-Jitsu Family. He has been training in Jiu-Jitsu for over fifteen years and helped open CJJF Kailua.