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What We Do

Integrated Functional Fitness

The Movement Center is a gym based out of Philomath Oregon. We practice the idea that exercise should be based around the mechanics of the human body. Training in the context of biomechanics increases strength, muscular tensegrity, and minimizes pain/distortions in the body.

We focus the majority of our training on functional movement. Functional movement means increasing strength, development of supported posture and more efficient bio-mechanics. We believe physical aesthetic and power are by-products of functional training. The best way to look strong is to be strong!

What we do is unique and unlike anything you’ll find at other gyms. Our classes are designed for athletes and non-athletes, the old and young, and individuals with a variety of movement backgrounds. Each individual progresses at their own pace depending on their starting point, capabilities and goals. With 1300 sq/ft of padded flooring, the Movement Center is a great place to train safely and effectively. 

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Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and cognitive state.